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All of us here at ARTEMIS are huge music fans, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite songs with you. Say hello to our official Spotify playlists!

The Goddess Playlists

Ever wondered what Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena would sound like? We created an individual playlist for each goddess which we think captures their personalities perfectly!

Artemis - Boho, Psychedelic & Indie Vibes

Aphrodite - RNB & Chill Love Songs

Athena - Female-fronted Hard Rock & Metal

Click here to listen.

music spotify goddess playlists athena love songs aphrodite

The Team Playlists

Want to get to know us more? The three of us at ARTEMIS created a playlist each, hand-picking our most played artists and all time favourite songs to give you a snapshot of who we are!

Charlotte - Alternative Rock & Rap Metal

Natasha - Ultimate Ambient Chill

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pop rock metal house music ambient chill work study concentrate
Be sure to follow our Spotify and heart your favourite playlists to save them into your library. Do you have any songs you think would be perfect additions to our goddess playlists? We'd love to know!

Author & Editor: Charlotte Curran

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