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In June 2014 a small start-up began in Cheshire with a dream in mind, and a courageous woman behind it. After finishing high-school, Charlotte, a self-confessed jewellery addict and entrepreneurial spirit, created the ethereal and goddess-inspired business, Artemis Accessories. In spring 2020, Artemis  expanded its team and the rest is history in the making. We hope to bring you along as we embark on our crazy, fast-paced journey. Beginning with getting to know our CEO & founder herself, Charlotte.


Let’s begin from the start, where did Artemis Accessories come from?

I had just come out of high school, working as a waitress. I was working my ass off, getting very little pay and was almost fired for dropping so many trays of food and drink! I remember thinking to myself "there must be more than this". 

I was on Instagram at the time and I loved creating content for my own profile, taking pics of my outfits, my shoes and my jewellery. At the time there were some little indie jewellery and accessories brands who I used to buy from (as a self-confessed jewellery addict!), and I remember receiving a parcel from a gorgeous little shop and thought, "wow, how cool of a hobby would that be?!". I love jewellery and being creative, so for me it was a lil’ eureka moment. The name Artemis came from my love of Greek philosophy. I ended up studying Greek in my first year of university and also visited Greece itself, it has such an interesting history and Greek goddesses were pretty badass so it was a no-brainer really!

Have you noticed your self-growth during this process?

More than I ever thought was possible! When I started ARTEMIS, it was my hobby, I absolutely loved making jewellery just for myself and wearing new pieces every day. Whilst it took a back seat when I was studying and had other part-time jobs, I can't believe that right now this is my full-time career.

I have definitely grown to be much more of a grateful and positive person - I know how lucky I am to be doing something I love every day and I try not to ever take it for granted. The change from this being a hobby to a full-time job has meant I had to learn quite literally everything about business from scratch. So, I definitely had to educate myself further and learn to develop so many practical skills in order to make ARTEMIS perfect. In the process, I also found that I needed to build a team to help me, so I’m now a leader of two, and understanding how I can help others to grow, to find their confidence and their strengths, has become one of my favourite parts of the job!

What’s something interesting about you personally?

I've had some crazy jobs over the years. My favourite being when I was a radio presenter/producer and also a bridal stylist & virtual wedding planner!

Describe your daily style in 3 words?

Comfy, grunge, chic

If you had to choose a musical artist to match Artemis’s brand, who would it be?

Sabrina Claudio or WILLOW 

What’s your favourite product in the store right now?

Our chain earrings are my personal faves! I love how they are so simple but are still such a statement piece.


Expanding our team in 2020 became the biggest moment of Artemis’ journey so far. Natasha, our Personal Assistant is a boss-babe sent from heaven and became a perfect addition to our small team. We thought it was time for us to introduce Natasha so we asked her some candid questions and her answers will show you just how amazing she is!

What does your usual daily routine & role look like here at Artemis?

Having joined the team during the midst of lockdown, my daily routine is pretty much all from the comfort of my home. I usually have an early start, make my coffee (almost immediately!) and sit down at my desk to check how many orders we’ve had. I handle all logistics, ordering stock and analysing our statistics. I post all of our content to Pinterest, create lookbooks, and I do a lot of exciting marketing research which is one of my favourite parts!

When did you join the team & how have you found it so far?

I joined back in October and to tell you the truth, it has flown by! I have loved every second of it. It’s so lovely to work with such genuine and nice people. Also, the fact that ARTEMIS is a female-run business really does give it that edge for me. The atmosphere is always fantastic, and we always make sure to celebrate our wins (even the little ones!) and I’ve already learnt so much. I’m super excited to continue working with such like-minded women, and I can’t wait to watch ARTEMIS grow into something really special.

Tell us a little more about you & your background?

Where shall I start?! I’m half Greek, I was born on the island of Rhodes and I left when I was three years old. That’s where most of my family are still living and I can speak fluent Greek. I go to visit my dad and family there every summer - and for that I’m so grateful. 

I recently graduated from the University of Leeds after studying International Business and Spanish and I also lived in Madrid for a year, which was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! In terms of hobbies, I love reading, exercise classes, cooking, photography (usually film), and I’m skincare obsessed! I could spend all day reading blogs about skincare products and I’m usually the one that my friends come to for beauty advice!

If you had to choose 3 style icons, who would they be?

I’m really into minimalistic fashion - I love clean, timeless pieces that will never go out of style and lots of dainty jewellery. I definitely can’t keep up with crazy trends/bright colours etc, although they look amazing on other people!

I really love the outfit pieces that Matilda Djerf styles, I genuinely wish that I had her wardrobe (IG: @matildadjerf). I also love Bruna Bear’s style, it’s super clean and classy (IG: @brunabear). And finally, one of my friends that I lived with at Uni! She’s called Emi and her style is super clean and also really cool. She has also recently launched her own clothing brand which is amazing! (IG: @emitalaga).

What is your go-to outfit for a night with the girls?

In winter my go-to is usually jeans, boots, a bodysuit (or a crop top) with maybe a cute, oversized cardigan and a black bag. Oh, and lots of simple jewellery! In summer I love wearing loose, oversized dresses and boots.

If you had to choose one piece from the shop what would it be?

The rings for sure! They’re so beautiful and they fit me perfectly.

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Author: Holly Loweth, Editor: Charlotte Curran

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