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ARTEMIS is a booming small business and brand name with over 7,500 followers on Instagram, a popular website and raving online reviews. But it didn’t just start overnight. It’s time we let you in on the behind-the-scenes of how it all began.


In summer 2014, founder of ARTEMIS, Charlotte, found herself at the end of high school with a handful of hobbies and a passion for jewellery. Jumping on the early wagon, Charlotte found the (not-so-popular as it is today) social platform, Instagram. Already being a supporter of small businesses and new jewellery brands, she began to discover the community they had formed via this one platform and dived head first into creating her own jewellery.

It all began as a simple way to create her own jewellery and make customisable pieces she loved. It wasn’t until followers on her personal account started commenting about the jewellery, that Charlotte then started her first ever collection under the name ARTEMIS, after her love for greek philosophy. Starting off with 5 single charm necklaces and earrings, Charlotte used herself as the model, began a Depop account and found that within the first year she would be sending international orders at the age of only 16-years-old. 


Once Charlotte began her A-levels, part-time jobs and a stable income became a priority, ARTEMIS took a back seat for Charlotte’s college and uni years, her Depop account remained active but became a simple hobby. In this time receiving over 1,500 5-star reviews and over 2,100 products sold on Depop alone.

In the meantime, Charlotte worked a wide range of jobs, from retail to hospitality, from administration to sales and from a radio presenter to a bridal stylist, though nothing seemed to fulfil Charlotte’s entrepreneurial spirit that was ignited in her from a young age. It would be years later that Charlotte used these diverse experiences to determine her priorities in her own business, being driven to create an incredible work environment, flexible working hours, a healthy management style and an emphasis on supporting and giving back to the community.  

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Fast-forward to 2020, the end of a Bachelor’s degree and uncertainty from a worldwide lockdown, ARTEMIS was born again. In March 2020 the Instagram account began, the first ever website was designed and in less than six months, the business grew from one to a team of three, with Rach and Natasha on board to begin the expansion from side hustle to an established brand. 

Within 6 months, ARTEMIS grew an audience of thousands, we now have a physical office space in Manchester City Centre, a permanent collection of beautiful products, hand-designed prints, notebooks and tote bags, created reels and TikToks, built an incredible relationship with customers, supported other small business owners and have been featured on podcasts and in magazines. Even with these incredible steps and a life-changing journey, we are not intending to slow down any time soon! We are so inspired to go through each and every aspect of the business with a fine-tooth comb and try to make it as perfect as possible, thinking of ways we can improve, grow and have the ability to show our appreciation to every single person who has helped us get to this point

Since the success of ARTEMIS, it has been such a whirlwind and feels like a dream. We have so many amazing ideas, goals and ideas that we cannot wait to bring to life. We hope from here that we’re able to use our platform to support the wider community even further, supporting other small businesses, spreading love to our customers and beyond, creating events, and offering opportunities to young women to be a part of our brand and for their talents to be seen.

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