About Us

Hello! I'm Charlotte, the owner of ARTEMIS from Manchester, UK.


I started ARTEMIS in 2014 when I had just finished high school, with a small range of handmade necklaces, inspired by my love of greek philosophy and fashion. My passion for business was like love at first sight, although as I moved away to Edinburgh to complete my degree in Philosophy, ARTEMIS took a back seat for a while. That was, until 2020 shook the world and a pandemic forced everyone into lockdown. During this time, I had handed in my final year dissertation and didn't know what to do with myself. That's when I decided to bring back ARTEMIS, as this was the perfect opportunity to dive head first into a hobby I loved and see what would happen. 


In less than a year, ARTEMIS became a team of four amazing women, with a physical HQ, thousands of customers, an incredible online community and monthly charity contributions. We have now expanded to stocking other small brands and using our platform for good.


ARTEMIS would not be anything without my team. Tash is our head of growth and marketing, helping with content marketing, copywriting, Pinterest, Facebook and leading weekly team meetings. Rach is our head of PR and operations, overseeing stock management, press, wholesale and product development. Alana is our office assistant, fulfilling and helping to package orders and keeping us all organised!


We are all so grateful for all of your support and love. You have changed all of our lives at ARTEMIS and we are committed to making the most beautiful jewellery, creating fun, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing content, supporting artists, small businesses and local charities as well as having high standards, making our workplace a wonderful and happy place to be, sourcing all of our products ethically and making our packaging beautifully sustainable.

I absolutely love what I do and every single part of ARTEMIS is made with so much care and heart. I hope you enjoy having a browse of our site, look out for our social media posts and are excited to be on this journey with us!


If you'd like to stay up to date with my business and what we're up to:



Contact ARTEMIS: artemisqueries@gmail.com