About Us

Charlotte Curran is the owner of ARTEMIS, a goddess inspired jewellery and accessories business based in Manchester. Charlotte started ARTEMIS at 16 when she had just finished high school and with an undergraduate degree and a dozen part-time jobs later, a pandemic gave her the time to go full force and see how far ARTEMIS could go. In less than a year, ARTEMIS is now a team of three amazing women with thousands of customers, an incredible online community and monthly charity contributions. ARTEMIS is a small jewellery business and an empire in the making.

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ARTEMIS has 3 employees. Charlotte is the CEO, founder & head of creative. Tash is our head of growth and research, helping with product development, market research and leading weekly team meetings. Rach is our operations assistant, fulfilling and packaging orders, assisting physically in our office space, keeping everything organised and every customer happy.

ARTEMIS is a jewellery and accessories brand, inspired from greek goddesses and the zodiacs. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and the moon. Charlotte has always loved fashion and always struggled to identify her own style. One day feeling like a goth, the next a minimalist and another a bohemian, which is the reason why most of our accessories we sell are customisable, with different charms, lengths and styles to suit everyone. 

We go the extra mile for our lovely customers, Charlotte personally replies to every single review, message, email and comment from customers. We give free perks to our audience such as music playlists, inspirational look-books, free phone wallpapers and fun competitions and interactive templates on our Instagram. Repeat customers are given sweet surprises, discount codes and love letters in their orders. We also do so much for our community, especially local charities and local small businesses, which we don't ever get paid for, but do it because we genuinely care and want to use our platform for good. Check out our blog posts to hear all the ways we are supporting our community.

We are so grateful for all of your support and love. You have changed all of our lives at ARTEMIS and we are committed to making the most beautiful jewellery, creating fun, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing content, supporting artists, small businesses and local charities as well as having strong standards, making our workplace a wonderful and happy place to be, sourcing all of our products ethically and making our packaging beautifully sustainable.

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